Evening primrose oil and women’s health.

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Evening primrose oil is a popular plant. It is extracted into oil and then eaten or used as an ingredient in dietary supplements and various products to maintain health. Such as reducing acne, nourishing the skin, relieving premenstrual symptoms and breast pain during menstruation. Treating menopausal symptoms, and being an inducer of labor pains. Lower blood pressure and good for heart health.

Relieves breast pain during menstruation. 

Gamma-linoleic acid from evening primrose may help reduce inflammation. And may help inhibit the secretion of prostaglandin hormones that are a factor in causing breast pain. Also, taking evening primrose oil alone or with vitamin E daily for 6 months may help relieve the severity of breast pain UFABET 

Relieve symptoms before menstruation.

 There are past studies that suggest that evening primrose oil is effective in alleviating clusters. Premenstrual symptoms  Both depression irritable mood or bloating. Researchers believe that some women experience premenstrual symptoms. Because they are sensitive to normal levels of the hormone prolactin in their bodies. Gamma-linoleic acid from evening primrose oil is converted to postaglandin E1. Which may help prevent premenstrual symptoms. However, more recent research has shown that that states. Evening primrose oil does not improve premenstrual symptoms.

Induce labor pain.

 Even though evening primrose is not scientifically proven to be related to labor pain, it has not been confirmed scientifically. But there have been people who have tried taking this oil in capsule form, 500-2,000 milligrams, every day after the 38th week of pregnancy or inserting it vaginally to induce labor. This may help the cervix soften and thin. The linoleic acid found in evening primrose oil may stimulate a prostaglandin response in the body. and results in a shorter time for giving birth

Treating hot flashes in menopausal women.

 Hot flashes in the body are another problem that affects the quality of life of menopausal women. A study in which menopausal women took 500 milligrams every day for 6 weeks found that this oil reduces. The severity and frequency of hot flashes. And it may help improve quality of life in other areas as well. Such as relationships with others, social interaction, sexual desire, etc.