Hernandez admits PSG lost overwhelmingly to Newcastle.

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Lucas Hernandez, PSG defender Admit that your team is not doing well. But the important thing is to look to the future and learn from mistakes.

Paris Saint-Germain Missed the attack and lost to Newcastle 1-4 in the second match of Champions League Group F on Wednesday night. This leaves the French representative with 3 points from two games UFABET

“It’s a Champions League game and if you don’t put your energy or make a good impact into the game, You end up with a result like this,” the French defender, who scored one goal, told Canal Plus.

“We have to change those things for the next game. and start the game more seriously.

“It was the coach’s choice (4-2-4 formation). We wanted to put more pressure on their defence. Sometimes it works Sometimes it’s not. And today it didn’t work. But we have to move on and get back on track.”

Hernandez also gave an interview to Arsenal in which he said at one point it was a game that everyone must forget and look to the future.

“It was a game that must be forgotten. You have to put it away and think about the next game. They (Newcastle) made it difficult in midfield. This is where we lack players. It’s not easy, but we have to get back on track. It is up to us to learn from our mistakes.”