Pogba was at Juventus after representatives spoke.

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Paul Pogba will continue playing for Juventus after player representatives met with the club on Thursday. Late on Wednesday night, reports from the Italian media revealed that. Zebra are looking to release the France international midfielder from the club. Although Pogba has just returned to play at the Allianz Stadium, but with symptoms. The injury affected the player to only play 10 games.

However, Gianluca Di Marzio revealed the Bianconeri and Pogba’s attitudes were more relaxed. After the 30-year-old’s representative met the club’s board on Thursday.

Rafaela Pimenta, Pogba’s agent and lawyer, insisted to the club that. The player in charge had no intention of transferring. Despite receiving a good offer from a Saudi club, the player declined.

In addition, Pimenta said that Pogba was determined to return to the squad for pre-season training. and wants to prove himself in the 2023/24 season.UFABET

Pogba revealed, “Hello everyone. I think this is the right moment for me to say something after a long silence. First, let me summarize my season. Which must be said that it is very complicated. Because I faced problems both on and off the field. As you probably know this was a very difficult season for me, what happened was very bad. especially to my state of mind.”